Recording User Interactions

Oxygen IDE allows you to record user interactions with the web browser and generate automation scripts.
To begin recording open IDE and click on the camera icon located in the top right corner. From here on, any action performed in the browser will be appended to the currently open script in the IDE. You may notice additional comment blocks preceding each command being recorded - those specify alternative locators which can be used with the command.

Currently recording is supported on Chrome and Internet Explorer 9, 10, and 11.


It's advisable to disable Chrome/IE extensions when recording isn't used as they might unnecessary slow down the browser under regular use.

Known Issues


  • Transitions between dynamically generated iframes might fail sometimes.
  • Transitions between nested iframes doesn't work.
  • Transition between iframe and its parent doesn't work for pop-up windows.


Internet Explorer

  • When opening new window, web.waitForPopUp might not get recorded under some circumstances.
  • Recording is not supported under Quirks mode in Internet Explorer 9.