Oxygen for Mac Installation

To download Oxygen for Mac, the project Github page:

Click on the link for the DMG file. In the screenshot below that would be "oxygen-1.17.0-osx-x64.dmg"

After the file downloads, open the dmg file by double clicking it.

Click and drag the Oxygen icon to the shortcut icon for the Applications folder.

As detailed in the Oxygen CLI documentation page. you have to install the Oxygen framework from the Terminal in order to have the benefit of being able to execute Oxygen from test suites. (multiple sets of tests)

From the MacOS / Finder Spotlight Search, type Terminal.

A pre-requisite for installing Oxygen CLI and running it via the terminal, is having Node.js installed, which also includes NPM.

Go to the Node.JS downloads page here. Choose the macOS Installer (.pkg) - 64-bit download or simply click on the macOS Installer

Go through the steps to install Node.js by launching the Node installation package. This installer will install both Node.js and NPM.

After installation has complete, verify the successful installation of NPM by typing "npm" without the quotes in the Terminal window.

If NPM is successfully installed, to install Oxygen-CLI you can enter:

sudo npm install -g oxygen-cli


npm install -g oxygen-cli

sudo is used to elevate permissions (super-user do), if the current user had limited permissions.

At this point, npm will install Oxygen-CLI on the system.

You can confirm successful installation by typing Oxygen on the terminal prompt


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