Mac Installation Troubleshooting

Installing Xcode on Mac. Troubleshooting Xcode issues.

Installation of Oxygen IDE on Mac, for example on OS 10.15 Catalina, has a dependency on installing Apple's software development IDE which called Xcode from the Apple Mac App Store.

Xcode is available to download for free from the Mac App Store with an Apple Developer account. If Xcode is not already installed or configured correctly, the user will receive a "Device Discover Service" warning message when launching Oxygen IDE with the text: "Could not find the instruments binary. Please ensure 'xcrun -find instruments' can locate it.

NB: If you are a corporate user using a corporate machine, your organization may require that you download and install Xcode from your company's self-service portal for software installation packages.

Downloading applications from the Mac App Store requires having your Apple ID set-up and entered. The following link goes through a step-by-step process for installing Xcode on Mac OS:

If you continue to receive the Device Discovery Service error mentioned above and in the screenshot, try the process described here: You need to launch XCode and agree to the terms first, if this is your first time using a new installation. Then, go to: Preferences > Locations and you'll see a selection drop down for Command Line Tools. Click this select box and choose the version of XCode you'll be using.

This should resolve the issue.

Additionally, in order to use the automatic script recording tool in Mac OS X, you must manually install and enable the Oxygen Extension for Chrome browser on Mac.

Install Oxygen Chrome Extension

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